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What is fishferous?
Fishferous is a browser-based virtual pet game that allows you to create your very own virtual aquarium.

What are some of the activities I can do with Fishferous?
You can feed your fish, keep your tank clean, add brand new decorations and fish to your aquarium, and use points to buy and sell fish. If you like to chanllenge other users you can convert your fish to SuperFish and battle with other members Superfish.

What is fishferous's fb application?
It is a lite version of fishferous.

If I am unhappy with my paid membership can I ask for a refund?
No, Unfortunatly we do not refund paid membership($3.99)as we offer free trial period to test our game before you decide.

What is the Tank's History page that is located in the member's section for?
The Tank's History page details the 20 most recent activities that you completed in your aquarium.

How do I obtain points?
Points are given to you every time you clean your tank or give food to your fish.

What does the Happiness Level mean?
Each of your fish has a Happiness Level, located in the user panel. If your fish are fully fed, their Happiness Level will rise to 100%, allowing them to breed with their fellow fish.

How do I rename my fish?
You can rename your fish by double clicking on the fish's current name inside the game.

How do I change the decorations inside my aquarium?
The background of your tank can be changed, and you can use points to buy new decorations for your tank.

I forgot my password. How can I log in?
Please enter your email on this page.

Why have my fish been moved to the admin tank?
When your fish begin to starve after five days without food, they are moved to the admin tank. You can get your fish back by contacting the admin With the contact form.

Why do I see a blank white space in my aquarium area?
If you are a first time user, you will see a black space before the flash aquarium has fully loaded. If you're a returning user, please be patient, as the loading speed of the aquarium will depend on your internet speed.

I've used the free points feature, but I didn't get any points yet.
As soon your points are approved, they will be automatically added to your aquarium.

What is a SuperFish ?
SuperFish allows you to battle with other Superfish

Why my superfish in not anymore in my tank ?
Superfish are very powerfull and they need to be moved to a training tank

How can I battle with other superfish ?
Once you have a well trainned superFish, you can go to the Battle page and select a superfish to battle.

How can I get fish money ?
If you have suffisant points then you can go to the Fish money page and convert them to Fish money.

What is superfish's training mode ?
When your superfish is in training mode other superfish can't attak your fish.

How can I train my fish ?
On the Training page you can train your fish every 6 hours.

How can I add superpower to my superfish ?
On the SuperPower page you can add power your fish every day.

I do have a superfish but no fishes to fight with?
SuperFish can battle with only same species.